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The Internet has transformed our society and touches all aspects of our lives daily whether they’re connected or not.

Internet Society Zambia Chapter

The Internet Society Zambia Chapter is an affiliate of the Internet Society whose work aligns with its goal and mission to get more people connected to the internet. The Chapter focuses on ensuring there is increased internet access in the country in a bid to reduce the digital divide.

The chapter works towards contributing to increased internet access through its work; contributing to policy and regulation that favours increased internet access, education on what the internet offers and how it can be effectively used and contribute to development of the Zambian internet architecture and infrastructure.

Since inception, the chapter has been actively engaged in contributing to policy and regulation related to internet access and its usage. Additionally, the bigger part has been raising awareness in the power of the internet and how it can be used to foster development. Further, the chapter embarked on projects aimed at bridging the digital divide through strengthening the technical community and connecting schools (pilot project) to digital content for schools with computer labs yet without internet access.

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Empowering People to take Action

As a way to increase capacity for citizens to participate in internet governance related issues, the chapter has conducted several trainings on various issues related to internet access and governance among others.

Further, the chapter started the flagship program, Zambia School on Internet Governance (ZambiaSIG) to increase capacity for Zambians to actively engage in internet governance at local, regional and global scale.


2nd ZambiaSIG Participants during the in-person training
 Our Focus
Supporting Internet Architecture and infrastructure Development

The chapter’s role in light of the architecture and infrastructure development is supporting and actively engaging the technical community on projects aimed at supporting the development of the internet in the country.

This is through DNS related capacity building projects, supporting projects aimed at reducing or bridging the digital divide in the country.


First ICANN DNS Security Workshop in Zambia with Mobile Network Operators/ISPs
Informing Policy and Regulation

We understand the underpinning role of policy and regulation in shaping the internet. 

Aside from actively engaging government on policy and regulation related issues, the chapter works with other organisations to advocate and support initiatives whose role is to influence human rights centred laws and policies.

Addressing issues on Digital Rights in Zambia at our 1st Youth IGF
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