Zambia School on Internet Governance (ZSIG)

About ZSIG

It is an initiative by the Internet Society Zambia chapter, Zambia Internet Governance Forum and Bloggers of Zambia. The school is composed of selected candidates representing various stakeholder groups such as government, civil society organizations, business entities, technical and research organizations and academia.

The objective of the school is giving an overall and in-depth understanding of the Internet Ecosystem to contribute to increasing awareness on Internet Governance. The school looks at key players in the internet ecosystem, structures making the internet work as it is and a Zambian landscape of internet governance among others.

This inaugural 3 day school in person Zambia School on Internet Governance will hold preceding the Zambia IGF. A 2-4 weeks virtual training will hold introducing key Internet Governance Actors.

The school will include a practical hands-on component, referred to as a “practicum”, which will run throughout the 3-5 days as an after-class engagement among the learners. 

The objectives of Zambia School on Internet Governance are: 

  1.   Impart formal training on Internet Governance to participants so as to prepare them for engagement in regional and global Internet Governance processes. To this end, the programme content will be a balanced mix of global IG topics, regional topics and Zambia-specific topics (in the approximate ratio of 60:10:30); 
  2.   Nucleate a community of Internet Governance professionals in Zambia through alumni; 
  3.   Develop a paper for submission to the government in our bid to ask the government to support our call for affordable internet access. Our cost of internet access is high such that majority do consider internet access as a luxury; and
  4.  Provide an international setting for participants through a mix of domestic and international participants, making ZSIG a national-regional SIG.

Why Apply?

In becoming the ZSIG fellow, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Zambia Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF). This annual meeting brings various stakeholders together from around the country to share good policies and practices relating to the Zambia internet space. During the program, you will:

  • Receive training and mentoring on key Internet governance issues
  • Increase your visibility and bring your voice to the Zambia Internet Governance space
  • Engage with key Internet stakeholders from around the world
  • Work as a team and become part of the broader Internet governance community
  • Develop the skills and connections needed to make more of an impact in your local community (and beyond!)
  • Contribute to influencing policy relating to the Zambia Internet Space.

What’s the Selection Process?

If you are an Internet Society member aged 18-35, you can apply. There are three phases to the selection process.

  1. Online Applications

All applicants must be:

  • Able to present a strong interest in Internet governance
  • Able to demonstrate interest and on issues on Internet Governance Issues
  • Comfortable with public speaking and communicating your stance
  • Can continue to work with the Internet Society and/or Internet Governance related organisation
  • Able to commit 6+ hours per week during the eLearning phase
  • Available to take part in meetings and webinars

 Beginners in Internet Governance are eligible

  1. Online Internet Governance Course

The applicants selected in phase 1 (up to 150 individuals) will take an online course on Internet Governance. All participants will be divided into classes, each with a dedicated expert moderator to facilitate the learning process. Up to 50 participants will be selected to proceed to the next phase.

  1. Attend the Zambia School of Internet Governance and ZIGF as well draft a policy paper on an Internet related issue.

The successful finalise from the online course will be selected to attend the ZSIG in person. Further, the participants will also be required to attend the ZIGF.

Additionally, the finalists will be required to contribute in drafting a policy paper on an existing or emerging Internet Governance issue (in Zambia) as a team, leveraging the learnings from the course and Internet Society 2022 Projects.

A selection committee will evaluate the performance of the participants, and the best students will be selected as ZSIG fellows.


1st ZSIG Edition & 3rd ZIGF Timeline – 2022

  • 5th October, 2022 – Online application submissions open
  • 12th October June 2022, 23:59 UTC – Application submissions close
  • 17th October 2022 – Successful candidates for the next round are invited to complete eLearning course
  • 28strd October 2022 – Deadline for eLearning course completion
  • 31st October August 2022 – Successful candidates for the next round are invited to attend the ZSIG and ZIGF
  • 16th November, 2022 – End of ZSIG (3 day in person)
  • 17th November 2022 – ZIGF

1st ZSIG Fellows: